Slice and Dice Behavior – Bringing Retail Customer Service to Travel – By John Hendrie

Success in the marketplace has always been about bringing value to the Consumer Experience. If you travel by air, your sensibilities have been challenged at every step of the journey. However, we still hear about successes – airlines which have understood key behaviors of their passengers and have adopted retail customer service approaches, resulting in market share and consumer satisfaction.

Corporate Manners – Part One – By Kathleen Hogan

A few years ago, I wrote a paper on corporate manners contrasting two different workplace environments in two different companies within the same industry. Though the comparison involved a regionally based savings bank versus a nationally known mortgage bank, the findings are applicable to companies conducting business across industries and countries. This is especially applicable to the hospitality industry whose primary purpose is to deliver customer satisfaction daily.

Better Branding and Higher Conversions – Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Online Ad Campaign

Vertical Engine Marketing (VEM) is another form of Internet marketing that seeks to help advertisers increase their visibility on vertical (or niche) websites using a variety of paid placement strategies. Because consumers spend 95% of their online time on vertical websites, it is clear that niche websites are the best places for your marketing messages.