How the Internet Screwed Up Air Travel – Business Insider

When online ticket purchasing first took off in the late 1990s, it seemed revolutionary. No more middlemen! You could peruse all the options yourself! You could even monitor how the prices changed over time! Internet-based booking also forced airlines to intensify their efforts to offer more competitive fares.

Is Instagram Dying? – Hubspot

It only takes a few scrolls on Instagram to see the platform as we know it is dead. Photos are out, Reels are in. Chronological feeds are out, algorithm-selected feeds are in. And the list goes on.

Transcreating for a Better World

Business experts, as well as academics, have come to recognise a global phenomenon that has emerged from the scourge of the pandemic and its similarly odious sibling, the current economic downturn – and that is, the opportunity to collaborate and innovate.

Translation ROI: How Do We Gauge the Value of a Good Translation?

Measuring the ROI for investing in translations might prove slightly trickier than other conventional costs, as the metrics may not be as easily available. This is all the more confounding in the hospitality and travel business. What kind of formulas are there to help gauge how much more bang you are getting for every buck you invest in getting your website translated into Korean, or your menus into Japanese?

The Pitfalls of Bad Translations and How to Avoid Them

A colleague sitting across you at the office sips languidly at her coffee while staring at her computer screen. You notice the white print glaring against the black background of her mug as she chugs away absently and giggle to yourself. 'I am silently judging your grammar', it says. You chuckle because you can relate. As a branding executive, you know that when it comes to reaching out to your audience, even the tiny details count.