Vantage Deluxe World Travel Announces Brand-New, Luxury Ship, M/s Nebu, to Set Sail on the Nile River in 2020

The Sun Deck on m/s Nebu
The Sun Deck on m/s Nebu

Vantage Deluxe World Travel announced it will expand its fleet of river cruise ships with a deluxe, custom-built luxury ship for Egyptian tours on the Nile River beginning in February 2020. Once complete, the m/s Nebu will be the newest and most luxurious ship on the Nile, featuring four cabin categories and five trip itineraries. This marks Vantage’s first owned vessel in Africa; its current-owned fleet includes five deluxe European ships. Reservations for the inaugural sailing season can be made now.

The new ship’s itineraries include five incredible journeys including:

  • Gold of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Wonders on the Inaugural Cruise of m/s Nebu in February 2020;
  • Incomparable Monuments: Timeless Cruising on the Nile, a cruise-only experience;
  • Sail with the Sun God: Nile River Summer Cruise through Egypt; a well-priced summer adventure;
  • Luxury on the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Wonders, featuring a cruise paired with seven nights in Egypt’s best hotels;
  • Ancient Wonders: Egypt & Nile River Cruise tour, an epic journey that combines a seven-night Nile cruise with a deluxe hotel stays in Cairo.

During each of the itineraries, guests are invited to walk back in time to 10,000 B.C., reveling in the fabled Pyramids of Giza and the iconic Sphinx; explore the Nubian treasures of Aswan, including the elegant Temple of Philae, set on a romantic island; and visit myriad UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As travelers are immersed in history, they’ll have the chance to witness modern-day life in Egypt as the deluxe ship loops the Nile, passing fertile farms, graceful feluccas, and bustling ports.

“This new ship build is a dream come true,” said Henry R. Lewis, CEO, Vantage Travel.  “It will offer the perfect juxtaposition of visiting one of the oldest civilizations in the world with the most modern and luxurious amenities and sailing technology.  My family and I have experienced Egypt and it is unlike anywhere we’ve been before. I know that this new ship will exceed all expectations for our travelers who enjoy history and intrigue as well as modern-day conveniences.”

With just 44 cabins and a capacity of just 84 guests, the new Vantage ship will provide a luxurious and exclusive way to travel. The intimate ship size allows for greater access to the area’s people and rich history via more conveniently located ports, thus less travel time once on land.

The ship’s cabins are larger by industry standard: standard cabins are 310 square feet each, while two Executive Suites at 400 square feet each and one Owner’s Suite at approximately 600 square feet will offer the ultimate indulgence in accommodations. The ship will also feature four 210 square foot single cabins.  Four adjoining rooms, also unique to this new ship, provide the ideal accommodations for friends and family traveling together.