Free Report: Dynamic and Personalized Pricing in Travel

We are on the cusp of a revolution that promises greater personalization and profitability as pricing becomes more segmented and relevant to each customer.

Download this free report, to understand how pricing in travel is charging into the future and how you can become part of this revolution.

Brands need to approach pricing with a rigorous and scientific approach that can segment customers in a degree that would have been impossible ten years ago. Fortunately, increases in the quality, quantity and the speed of transmission of data are creating leaps in clarity for those with the ability to interpret the modern gold mine of data being created. The possibilities of this improvement in analytical capabilities are much greater granularity in pricing structures that are more responsive to demand patterns and customer behaviors.

Check out the paper now and you’ll be able to:

  • Differentiate between Dynamic Pricing, Individualized Pricing and Personalized Pricing – do you aim for personalised pricing with high variability and complexity or contextualised pricing that focuses on willingness to pay?
  • Explore Amazon’s expertise in Dynamic Pricing and read case-studies on Tinder, Uber and Air BnB
  • Ensure your pricing strategy adheres to ethical and legal frameworks avoid loopholes and discrimination

Plus, you’ll also delve into the specifics of:

  • Finer customer segmentation: Utilize micro-segmentation and apply factors such as a willingness to pay and demand-based factors to provide considerable price point differentiation
  • Ancillary products: Discover how brands can build more complex algorithms to include add-ons and ancillaries – find the right pricing strategy for these bundles and optimise content and price
  • AI/ML: Find out how to use AI/ML for Dynamic Pricing and customer demand analytics to determine offers and prices and continually optimise your algorithms

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