American Airlines Emerges As Social Media Vanguard Among Top 15 Global Airline Companies in 2023

Infographic - Airline Social Media Trends
American Airlines Emerges As Social Media Vanguard Among Top 15 Global Airline Companies in 2023

American Airlines has emerged as the top company with 17% share of conversations among the top 15 most mentioned global airline firms on social media platforms (both on X and Reddit) in 2023 (01 January to 31 October), reveals the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData.

The remaining most talked-about global airline companies in 2023 are United Airlines Holdings Inc with a 12% share of voice, followed by Deutsche Lufthansa AG (9%), Air Canada (7%), Jet Blue Airways Corp (6%), Air India Ltd (6%), Qatar Airways Group (6%), RYAN Air Inc (6%), British Airways Plc (6%), Alaska Air Group Inc (5%), Air France-KLM SA (5%), Singapore Airline Ltd (5%), Delta Airlines Inc (4%), Southwest Airlines Co (3%), Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd (3%).

A significant surge in influencer discussions around American Airlines was noticed in May 2023, when American Airlines and JetBlue vehemently disagreed the federal court’s decision to dissolve their Northeast Alliance (NEA), citing its unprecedented nature and the absence of evidence of consumer harm. The influencers’ opinion appears to be mixed, with some recognizing the advantages of competition and others expressing skepticism about the impact of the alliance’s dissolution on fares and options for travelers.

Below are few popular tweets on American Airlines:

Matt Stoller, Director of Research at American Economic Liberties with 142.3K followers, tweeted: “Wow, the decision is Though American Airlines-Jetblue “claim their bigger-is-better collaboration will benefit the flying public, they produced minimal objectively credible proof to support that claim.”

Jamie Larounis, Travel Industry Analyst with 22.9K followers, tweeted: “This is a major blow to @AmericanAir elite customers who have booked flights on @JetBlue and vice versa. I have lots of flights in the future booked… time to rebook?”

Shreyasee Majumder, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “In the realm of social media discussions, influencers primarily focused on earnings reports within the airline industry, shedding light on challenges encountered by Southwest Airlines. This included significant pre-tax losses of $800 million resulting from cancellations during the holiday season. Additionally, American Airlines garnered attention as it experienced a notable 25% decrease in stock value, triggered by a warning about Q3 adjusted EPS. Furthermore, influencers emphasize the significance of strategic foresight and careful financial management to maintain consistent airline performance and ensure long-term stability.”

The social media influencers voiced concerns regarding United Airlines’ financial loss in the first quarter of 2023 (January-March), and drew attention to the urgency with which the company must cope with challenges triggered due to decreased demand and increased expenses. They emphasize the importance of robust cost management, urging preemptive measures to address potential pilot contract disagreements and fuel cost volatility.

Influencers have deliberated on the disruptions encountered by Deutsche Lufthansa AG during February, unveiling insights into the susceptibilities inherent in contemporary airline operations. Furthermore, they accentuate the pivotal significance of resilient IT infrastructure and uninterrupted communication networks.