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Many Investors Believe That Tripadvisor Is an Outdated Brand

But Almost Half of Its Revenue Now Comes From 1 of the Hottest Growth Platforms in the Entire Travel Industry

When it comes to finding travel-related reviews, Tripadvisor (NASDAQ: TRIP) is the go-to platform and has been for about two decades. The platform hosts more than one-billion reviews, helpful for almost any traveler no matter where they’re going.

However, it’s fair to wonder if Tripadvisor is losing its relevance. After all, Alphabet‘s Google can provide some of the same insights as Tripadvisor. And considering how many people use Google Maps, it might even be easier to check out reviews on Google.

I believe this possibility is supported by the numbers. Tripadvisor has reorganized its business over the years so direct comparisons are challenging. However, in 2019 the company’s Tripadvisor brand (representing nearly all its sales then) generated revenue of $939 million.

By comparison, in 2023 the whole company generated total revenue $813 million through the first three quarters, putting it on pace for just a hair more than $1 billion over the entire year. So growth over the last three years has been quite meager and suggests its best days for growth are over.

Growth may be coming to an end for Tripadvisor. But fortunately the company owns a travel platform that’s experiencing some of the hottest growth in the entire sector. And it may hold the key to the future success of Tripadvisor stock.

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