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Marriott Ad Network: Slow Rollout for Plan to Target Hotel Guests

In May 2022, Marriott launched the Marriott Media Network: The goal had been to let non-hotel marketers place ads on the company’s website and app, its marketing messages to guests, and eventually on in-room TVs and digital screens in lobbies.

  • Marriott has data that guests provide voluntarily when they join its loyalty program.

  • Brands could target their ads in relevant ways, such as to people in a particular geographic area.

  • But Marriott would “anonymize” it, so they wouldn’t pass along personally identifiable information, such as email addresses.

What Marriott Says Today

  • Marriott launched with Yahoo as its partner on the technology side. But a year ago, Yahoo abruptly shut down its so-called server-side provider business for all clients.

  • Marriott is currently transitioning to Google as its media network partner.

  • “The Marriott Media Network has been in high demand from advertisers,” said Nicolette Harper, global vice president of Media.

  • “However, it is paramount that we execute logically so that the content being delivered is valuable to our guests and enhances their interactions and experience with Marriott,” Harper said. “Therefore, we have been thoughtful in expanding access to content from advertisers on owned channels.”

  • In the meantime, a spokesperson said it is “continuing to seamlessly deliver ads on on-property Wi-Fi portals.” These are similarly done in the generic style of Google ads. Examples include local tours and activities, attractions, or theme park tickets. Currently, places an ad unit within its hotel search results that promotes a website for its vacation rental offering.

Tricky to Execute?

  • An ad exec familiar with Marriott’s effort said, on the condition of anonymity, that these types of media networks are tricky to create. Marriott has two main choices, the exec said. Each has obstacles.

  • The easier but less lucrative path is for Marriott to take Google Ad Words or a rival display network and plug it into placements on its site and hotel TV screens.

  • On the plus side, this path is affordable and simple. On the downside, the revenue opportunity is low. “I’d be surprised if they’ll make even a $2 CPM [cost per 1,000 impressions] once they get that going,” they said. “I bet you 10 to 1 they don’t have the scale of inventory to pull it off in a meaningful way.”

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