‘Linguistic-fying’ Your Bot to Chat Responsively with Multilingual Audiences

Chatbots – love them or hate them… they’re here to stay. With today’s techy-influence customers wanting fast and prompt answers, businesses have to respond fast too, or lose a potential deal to a competitor. Hoteliers, tourism and hospitality establishments are introducing online Chatbots to help increase the level of efficiency for interacting with customers. Call it your virtual messenger, customer assistant or a front desk avatar.

Improving the Guest Experience: Kennedy Space Center

Every hospitality business will be keen to find ways to maintain and indeed improve the guest experience at their hotel, resort, park, stadium or restaurant. And with the raft of new technologies flooding the hospitality market, it can be difficult to know which ones to employ and how much to invest. It may therefore come as a surprise to hear that some of the most effective ways to improve the guest experience need not be expensive or indeed difficult to implement.